If you’re trying to build camaraderie at your kick-ass company, don’t settle for non-disrupty drills like trust falls and egg drops. There’s no I in team but there is a u in unoriginal.

Tough Commudder

Working in teams of three or four during their commutes, all employees use FaceTime to choreograph a Bollywood-style dance number for this year’s corporate holiday video. Winners are excused from filming.

Escape The On-site off-site

The first team to extract every member and reassemble at the nearest bar without detection by a company executive wins. Drinks are on the losing team!

Vocal Fry-Yays

Everybody speaks in Kardashian intonations and communicates exclusively via fish gape and emoji.

Stack Ranking: Executive Edition

The rank and file rate all the executives. Whoever winds up last has to collate copies of the board presentation PowerPoint until 4am the morning of the annual meeting.

Throwback Thursday

No intra-office text or email. All employees must communicate face-to-face, via desk phone or using Post-it Notes (bonus points to anyone who knows their office extension).

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