Discovering Drostdy Hotel’s And Its New Offerings

To explore a destination’s history is to truly understand its present state, its lasting beauty and its unique characteristics. Travellers are certainly granted opportunities like these in abundance in Graaf-Reinet, in the Eastern Cape. This is South Africa’s fourth oldest town and it is home to Newmark’s prized Drostdy Hotel, which has likewise been shaped by time; moulded over the years into the incredible heritage hotel it is today. The hotel remains true to its roots with architectural characteristics and antiques that refer to a bygone era but it now also features contemporary elements and newly introduced offerings.

Designed by Louis Thibault, the building was completed in 1806 after construction began in 1804. It is one of the oldest Drostdys in South Africa, approximately 50 years older than the one located in Swellendam. Its purpose in those days was to serve as an official building, providing accommodation to dignitaries in the British army. It was known as the Old Drostdy and was later used as a place of residence by the local magistrate. In 1847, however, the building and the surrounding land were sold by public auction. Following this, the land was subdivided and the property changed hands a number of times.

In 1878, it was purchased by Henry Kromm and converted into a hotel, named kromm’s drostdy Hotel. It was transformed into a double story building with a Victorian facade and a few years later, in 1903, was sold again. Decades passed, ownership changed, and the hotel ultimately became recognised as an upmarket establishment, but its evolution continued. The building was restored to its original Cape Dutch style in the late 1970s after it was acquired by the Oudemeester Group in association with Historical Homes of South Africa. Later, in 1987, the hotel was declared a national monument.

In 2013, the hotel underwent another large-scale refurbishment and was reopened the following year. It was then, in 2014, that Drostdy Hotel was welcomed to the Newmark portfolio as a privately-owned, luxury boutique hotel. The property and each of its 48 rooms were stylishly decorated in such a way that the past and the present would complement one another. Wooden features, chandeliers and ornate furniture are interspersed with bold and patterned fabrics, modern finishes and African decor – a unique look that Drostdy Hotel Portrays with style and elegance. Just a few years after these developments, and the most recent milestone to be celebrated, the establishment was named one of the top ten hotels in South Africa.

Comments Neil Markovitz, Managing Director of Newmark Hotels, Residences, Reserves & Lodges: “Over the years, the Drostdy Hotel has played a pivotal role in Graaf-Reinet’s development as one of South Africa’s most cherished tourist destinations.”

Indeed, Drostdy Hotel has been admired by many from near and far; it has become greatly cherished and has undoubtedly stood the test of time.

New additions to the hotel include:


This restaurant is an extension of the Drostdy Hotel’s dining offering, which also includes De Camdeboo Restaurant, and is an inviting establishment that serves a selection of pizzaz, pasta and other tasty meals, as well as ice-cold draught beers and the best of South Africa’s wines. this family-friendly, 80 seater restaurant is nestled in a convenient location in Graaf-Reinet, within walking distance from Drostdy Hotel.


Drostdy Hotel is among the first hotels in South Africa to have this futuristic device on its premises. The charger was installed in October 2018, as part of an electric car charging network in South Africa and is able to charge any electric cars (for example, those manufactured by Jaguar, BMW or Volvo).

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