Dylan Ainscough


Born and raised in Zimbabwe with a passion for sport I excelled in swimming and triathlon which lead me to represent both my province and country. As they are singular sports my level of discipline and determination to succeed is where I believe my grounding for my sales technique came from.

For the past 10 years I worked in sales for various textiles companies both in house and external. Here I expanded my network of clientele, as I believe networking is the greatest key in any occupation.

Over the past year my partner and I have taken on a few exciting projects from owning a resort in Bilene in Mozambique, a restaurant in Johannesburg, to me starting my own interior design company and there will hopefully be more exciting projects this coming year.

In 2019 I was lucky enough to cross paths with my business partner Nicola Van Den Berg. She approached me with the concept of #TheLife Magazine. With both of our networks and our ability to sell this was a great concept. Soon we sat scheming and plotting on the concept, our target market and how we were going to get this project off the ground. Thankfully to a silent business partner we were able to fund the start up of this fantastic magazine.

“Bringing great people onto your team is about demonstrating that size really doesn’t matter – people do.” – Jess Campbell

Nicola van den Berg


About Nicola I’m not going to make this long as on mine and Dyls journey you will all get to know us well. I was born in Benoni 1975 the coldest month of the year…. yip July. I will reveal the date later as it’s a surprise and another reason why my amazing partner and I just clicked.

Let’s start with a few hobbies. This is short and sweet ALL SPORTS…..had a few great achievements in my youth but we will chat about them later. Love entertaining, cooking and seeing my family and friends enjoy every last bite. Oh and with cooking and entertainment yip obviously comes wine and ummmmm yeah what ever goes.

I have had a passion for sales my whole working life which started at the young age of 13, selling ice creams from our very well known ice cream shop Korsmans in well naturally Benoni. Sales , sales and more sales. LOVE pretty things so I just sold and blossomed into a great sales person with many awards. My other passion is landscaping, extremely rewarding and being able to see your passion turn into something out of this world. Well need I say more it is extremely rewarding.  So naturally being good in sales you have to be a people’s person and what better way than to put all of everything you know into #thelife. My magazine which has been a long term dream and with the help of my exceptional partner who, yeah here is the secret, we are born on the same day. Well I am proud and very grateful to now be sharing this wonderful concept with my partner Dyls.  Couldn’t have done it without him. There is another part about us of which I am sure we will both share with you