EASTER falls this weekend, and with the current lockdown conditions, spending time with friends and family may seem hard – but here are six ways to celebrate Easter while social distancing.

1. Take time to cook (and eat) together

The highlight of many people’s Easter weekend is the big Sunday lunch and you don’t have to miss out just because you can’t leave your home. Share recipes for what you’re planning to cook with your friends and family beforehand, to make sure you all have the same ingredients on the day. On the day, arrange a time to video call so you can virtually make the dishes together. This is a great way to chat and feel connected to loved ones as if you’re all cooking and making something special together. There are many apps you can use to do this, including Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Houseparty and FaceTime (if you all have Apple devices). Don’t forget to arrange a time for a video call at the dinner table too, so you can sit down, have a chat and eat your meal together as a family.

2. Take part in an Easter craft competition

To really get into the Easter festivities and perhaps involve the children, you could arrange a table centrepiece competition with your friends and family. You could try and decorate hard-boiled eggs, use items laying around your home to craft an Easter bunny or chick, or even an old fashioned drawing competition. For this activity, one person can act as the judge and taskmaster, sharing the rules of the competition before it begins, and then judging everybody’s attempts via a video call or picture submissions to determine who is the most successful. You could even present the winner with a virtual prize, such as a gift card.

3. Host an Easter quiz night

With video call applications mentioned above, you could put together a quiz for the family over the Easter holiday. You can have themed rounds – even make one Easter themed if you wish – as well as including a music round, a picture round and even set tasks for your contestants. In typical pub-quiz fashion, you can send the picture round before the quiz starts in order for teams to answer throughout the quiz. In terms of tasks, you could ask participants to create the best Easter bunny from household items in a specific time or bring you the best object in their home beginning with a certain letter. To ensure no cheating as quizzers will have to mark their own sheets, the quizmaster could ask each team to send a picture of their answers through to them privately.

4. Create a playlist to listen to music together

To really feel like you’re sitting down to have lunch with your loved ones, why not create a playlist for everyone to listen to at the same time? You can easily create a playlist on Spotify or Apple Music, and then share this with your family and friends so you can all listen together while you’re cooking or having lunch. To make things a little more interesting, you could create a public playlist and assign each person certain letters of the alphabet, to add artists beginning with that letter. Alternatively, create a playlist theme, such as Easter or autumn, and see who can add the most songs to the playlist that fit the theme you chose.

5. Play online games

After family gatherings, often we turn to playing a game, although you won’t be able to sit down and play a board game together as you would usually, there are lots of virtual game apps that allow you to still enjoy fun and games with your loved ones. Try Kahoot! for a virtual quiz suitable for all the family. Each person can select a quiz category they want everyone to play, or you can make it extra personal by creating a round specifically about your friends and family. For something with more of a competitive edge, download Mario Kart Tour on iOs or Android to race as your favourite Mario characters with your friends and family. If you fancy something more grown-up you can try the online version of Cards against Humanity, which is now available to download – just make sure there are no children present!

6. Watch a movie together

If you fancy something more chilled on your Easter weekend, there are options for families to cosy up and watch a film together, even if they are not in the same house. Thanks to apps such as Netflix Party, you can now sit and watch Netflix films together virtually – just download the extension on Google Chrome, invite your loved ones to watch a film and you’re good to go. You can even talk via a chatbox while watching the film so you can discuss and share your thoughts as you watch, so it’s a great way to stay connected to your friends and family.

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