As a contemporary version of the undercurrent of Gothic aesthetics, that has been present in popular culture for the last century or so, Industrial Romance can at present be spotted everywhere in interior design and home decor.

The Gothic style was born during the urbanization of the industrial era and has walked hand in hand with the rise and decay of our big cities. The Gothic style has been popularized for a wider audience in recent years by for example tv-series like showtime’s Penny Dreadful, where a bestiary of beautiful Victorian monsters and well-known literary figures walk the streets of late nineteenth century London.

Industrial Romance might seem sweet and residential compared to its more extreme and elaborate cousin steam-punk – even if the styles converge and overlap and borrow elements from one another. Both are cultural descendants to Gothic literature, and the legacy of the Victorians and their morbid obsession with mortality, is at the heart of Industrial Romance, which combines a strong sense of wonder with a slight taste for the morbid and macabre.

Aesthetically it’s slightly more baroque, enticing, flamboyant, than you would assume at first glance.
Like Gothic literature’s favorite persona, the archetypal Byronic Hero – it is dark and seductive, yet romantic and warm.

Use the raw industrial style as a base and add rough and natural textures like wooden branches, wool, and heavy rustic fabrics.
Place large bouquets of cut flowers in the Neo-baroque style, in glass vases, as eye-catching centerpieces in your decoration.
Wallpaper pattern designs that complete the Industrial Romance style:
✔️Raw & withered industrial surfaces
✔️Vintage wooden boards or tiles
✔️Large floral patterns
✔️Vintage Maps

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