Mighty Girls is a woman led NGO, a sisterhood and a dream of empowering young women. Mighty girls was founded by Leslie Rose Nyachikanda and Kathleen Nyachi Mavhunga and it started as just a conversation.

Mighty Girls has grown to what it is today with the help of a group of beautiful, strong, driven women such as Keke Matlou.

Millions of Girls in Africa miss up to two months of school a year because of menstruation. They often at times do not have adequate sanitary supplies so they end up having to sit at home while they menstrate. Girls that do not have access to proper sanitary care end up using anything they can find such as old newspaper and mattress stuffing. This is unsanitary, uncomfortable and humiliating for them. Using these items opens them up to a host of other problems such as infection and disease. Many girls feelvery ashamed of their periods, which is a normal part of life. When girls miss so much school they fall behind in tgeir studies and very often end up dropping out of school. This sadly continues the cycle of poverty. At Mighty Girls SA we help these young girls break through barriers and in turn try help break the cycle of poverty.

Mighty Girls has taken it further by introducing acontarct with the young girls, so that when they receive our sanitary ware we ensure they stay in school with termly check-ins.

Mighty Girls consists of 3 Tiers

-Pad Distribution


-Health/hygiene for the young girls

We not only supply the necessary sanitary ware, but we mentor and educate young girls, giving them more confidence and ending any stigma surrounding periods. We provide the girls with the following kit: 7 cloth pads (different strengths, these pads last 2 years), 2 pairs of underwear, a facecloth, soapand a drying strap.

Our vision is to ensure that every girl is equipped with the basic hygiene and healthcare. By obtaining this, we build confidence, and we strongly believe that once a girls has confidence, she can achieve anything.

You can help us by spreading this initiative via social media with your friends and colleagues, introduce us to partners and donors or help provide us with the necessary materials for our kits.

You can contact us via our website or facebook page:

 www.themighygirls.org | www.facebook.com/group/mightygirlsinsa

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