One who lives in the clouds in their own imagination; An unconventional person.

There are a whole list of new words that have hit us in the last few years and I have chosen Nefelibata with specific reasons because it’s a new year and we need to be unconventional, instead of approaching 2020 with a new year’s resolution list, lets rather make a list of what we won’t allow in 2020.

2019 was filled with many stumbling blocks, political pressure, financial pressure and land reform issues. It is sometimes very difficult to figure out whether a year was a good one or whether the decade ended with a very hard thump.  For some people making it over stumbling blocks is a major feat and to others its daunting and they can’t wait to wave good-bye and start anew.

What won’t you allow in 2020 and at least for the next 10 yrs.?

Let’s de-clutter.   I have just moved, after being in the same house for 20 yrs.  I started before the move and threw away, donated, sold and downsized, yet I am still sitting with a double garage filled with stuff.  

I have been in my new smaller house for 2 mnth now and not needed anything in those boxes, so do I really need them? Simplify your environment and everything will be clearer.

Next thing and, the most important is, to eliminate people that drain you, that don’t do anything for you or inspire and add to your life.  Be harsh. Many people in your life are often unreasonable and self-centred.  Forgive them and move on.  Never regret being a good person to the wrong people….

Toxic people spread negativity and in 2020 don’t allow any of that in your life.  If someone keeps on disappointing you, take the power away from them and eliminate them from your now.  Its time to be happy again.

Play, appreciate the moment, sometime it’s better to slow down and smell the air, breath again and be present in the now.  Life is a roller-coaster and stands still for no one.  View life, not as a project but rather as a  gift and  appreciate it.

Anger, stop giving people the power.  Don’t waste time on anger and hate and worries,  forget the past, stop worrying about the future.  The only time is NOW.

We have entered a new decade the 20tys and who knows what marvels it holds.  Laugh with your eyes, bear your soul and hug, you have no idea what the human touch can do.  Listen, please listen instead of giving your opinion just let someone who needs it bear their soul.  Smile with your heart, and most of all be real.Love and laugh abundantly and you will live a beautiful life

I stumble on my words,

I’m chaotic and a bit awkward and sometimes I’m paralyzed by the fear of not being enough,

But maybe it’s the point, maybe I’m here to prove that you don’t have to be a Badass Warrior.

Whatever you are is enough


Life is not complicated its beautiful.

Here is to the best year of your life and the best decade you can imagine.  Just be real.

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