“When we dream that we dream – we are beginning to wake up!” – Novalis

This is the Heavy Draft Horse Foundation at Outeniqua Moon; this is why you are here – to dream that you are the dream and to wake to a ‘new/old’ world; an ancient natural world to which you have belonged forever.

The Heavy Draft Horse Foundation, originally founded in 2002 by Peter and Christine Watt, is about preserving the dream – a dream of a greener earth, a dream of living in harmony with nature, a dream of moving forward using an old way, with horses.

It is a dream of preserving the heavy draft horses which are rarer than rhinos. The advent of the internal combustion engine led directly to the slaughter of these fabulous animals that transported humans and their goods around for over two thousand years.

The survival of these highly intelligent creatures is more important to our collective conciousness than we realise. They are our last link to a world that depended on horse power and not machines to feed people.

Outeniqua Moon, the home of the Heavy Draft Horse Foundation, welcomes the young and the old to their beautiful establishment. We offer:

For accommodation or day visit bookings please contact Christine +27 82 564 9782

www.outeniquamoon.co.za        –       www.hdhorsefoundation.com

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