You know that “you”, that amazing free person you become, when you take off the “work” and responsibility cloths and put on your “holiday” cloths, that’s who I want you to become full of courage and wanderlust. Living euphorically.

The first time I landed in Bali was after we sold our company we had for many years. The company that had stolen our souls, put so much pressure on us that we had lost our identities.   Don’t get me wrong it had done us well.  It had provided us with the means to see the world and experience many, things that others have never been privileged to do. It had educated our children.  However, it manged to steal the life from us, and it dictated to us in the end. It was not who we wanted to be; we were not living authentically but rather just existing from day to day.

 We landed exhausted and stressed in Bali, but as I landed I knew I had arrived, there are other places that resonate to me but Bali spoke to my gypsy soul, it gave me a peace and it was a place I would return to many more times.

Bali is where, wanderlust and Uforia were born!

Uforia, is not just a feeling, and wanderlust is not just about getting a stamp in your passport, it’s a meaningful experience and adventure of the soul and an opportunity to feel intensely alive, finding the relaxed confident you.  The one you should be and can be.

 Imagine the greenest of greens, stretched Infront of you. That is, the rice paddies in Tegalalang Ubud, it consumes you and its beauty steals a bit from you – but leaves so much more within you.

Imagine the tallest tree you can, with its roots hanging above and stretching to find ground, imagine being engulfed in a green leafy forest. The gentle sound of the stream flowing beneath and the air that smells of sweet intoxicating flowers. Breath, take a breath from your belly and get lost, lost in that moment, and transport yourself to a place of peace, that is the monkey forest of Ubud.

 It’s not about the monkeys for me, but rather the vegetation and the century old trees.  Yes, this is my gypsy soul talking, but this where I found peace.

Monkeys are both a positive and negative force in Balinese Hinduism. A monkey stealing from a farmer’s crop, is seen in a negative light. However, the troops of monkeys inhabiting sacred forests and Hindu temples are thought to protect these sites from evil spirits, therefore they are respected and cared for.

The people of Bali, their gentle souls, they are what resonates to me.  You are made to feel welcome and respected.  We are all diverse in culture and religion, so be respectful and you will be treated the same.

Life is worth celebrating and here I am reminded of that every day. Many of the Balinese have little or no possessions and have never travelled yet every day is a celebration. Is this not the life we should bottle and steal? Appreciation of everything no matter how small.

The old people are the ones that stole my heart, their eyes are intense with the suffering they have endured for years, their wrinkles bear testimony of the wisdom they have attained, and the memories held dear.

 “Wrinkles merely indicate where smiles have been” (Mark Twain)

Sunset in Bali steal the show.  Pink skies flooding the ocean. A bright orange sun takes its final bow behind the blue sea.  Multicoloured bean bags stretched across the beach, and a musician gently singing Ed Sheeran songs, as you sip on a happy hour cocktail. This is one of the secret treasures of Bali.  This is the Island of the Gods and you can see why so many flocks here.

Don’t pack your quirks, taste buds. Fears or self-imposed limitations.

Bali is diverse from Ubud, where the health guru’s and yogi’s stay to Legian and Kuta where you can party the night away, Bali seems to cater to all your needs.  Come with an open mind and leave with a happy soul.

The struggle is when the adventure comes to an end. It had me thinking how to bottle that “magnificent HOLIDAY YOU” feeling? Tapping into my wanderlust and newly learnt LIFE COACHING skills, I have come up with some cognitive behaviour strategies to help you elevate and celebrate your self-awareness and boost your confidence.

 Too many of us have boxed into our “back to reality” self-doubt, and we let this control us. We put those life changing moments on hold, and this is where the magic happens.

 Empowering your confident you, (the holiday you) it’s the process of letting go of the limiting beliefs and habits, which hold you back. Grabbing your positive wings and voice and saying in a big loud voice, YES to yourself.  Yes, you can you are amazing.

These are 3 amazing confidence boosters which will help you tap into your magnificent self….

1. Set a daily positive affirmation about yourself. Own the affirmation, look into the mirror and say it out loud.

2. Let go of your inner critic – be aware of any negative self-talk and replace it with positive self-praise

3.   Avoid the perfection trap – nothing or no one is perfect so let go of who you think you should be      and embrace who you are.

If you ready to take the next step. Contact me for a free couching session, let’s talk and find direction. If you just want to know more about Bali or stepping into your most confident, vibrant and magnificent self with my “Confident you” programme.  

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