How daunting, half a century.  What have I achieved?   It’s time to reflect on life and quantify whether enough has been done and achieved. 

 Ok, everyone below fifty,  you can carry on reading this is for you too, because instead of saying oh s**t I have not done that when you turn 50, you can set up a bucket list of things you need before you reach fifty.

By no way Am I old, in fact I feel better now than I have in a long time.

  When my dad was 50, I remember thinking he has one foot in the grave.  He was here for another 36 yrs. Damn did he prove me wrong. So, I am working on that calendar, I have another 36yrs here and I am going to make them count.

I have created a list and by no means is it complete, of things every woman should have by 50.  Please don’t judge me and feel free to start your own.

Be blessed with Love knowing you are real, wear your scars with pride. Know there is something poetic about your life. Accept it, own it and move forward. Listen to what your soul is trying to say She is wise, and She knows and accepts you.  Above all be authentic to you. 

Lots of love always


P.s Long arms or good bifocals also very important.  (lol)

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